Dec 5, 2010

Experiencing Experiences in Nature

Life experience taught me Everything About The Meaning of Life 
"The experience means what I had experienced in nature
It's means still in the phase to know.
Understand the meaning of life if people think about the meaning of death"

The biggest question that must be answered is "For what life in the world?"
Live to know. The meaning of life correlates directly with the purpose of life 

There is life after death, eternal life who is more
Thus arose the term "life is short" if the appeal of life after death.
Life is short so enjoy it .. (True or False, agree or disagree) depend on your understanding

Almost the same question ever asked
given to what the brain??" Brain to think!
the problem what to think? "depends on the understanding of life"
Living to think ... thought to live, for the purpose of life. The goal??
Where did humans come from and where 
will humans come back?

Agus Suandi

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